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CompAir Ultima-Revolutionary Oil-Free Technology

Posted on: 20 August 2018

CompAir Ultima Oil-Free Technology


The Ultima is a revolutionary oil-free PureAir compressor. Its unique design utilises low pressure and high pressure dry screw air-ends. Each air-end is individually driven by a variable speed, permanent magnet synchronous motor which provides higher levels of efficiency compared to traditional oil-free compressors. Traditional oil-free compressors are driven by a single motor and a gearbox which drives both low pressure and high pressure air-ends. The gearbox requires oil and creates friction which contributes to energy loss. The Ultima utilises a high efficiency motor which replaces the single motor and the gearbox. This optimises performance throughout the complete volume range because the air-ends can be driven at different speeds dependent on demand.

The Ultima utilises a digital gearbox which continuously monitors and independently adjusts the speed of each air-end ensuring maximum efficiency and pressure ratios at all times. All regulated speed compressors enter idle run at minimum speeds which wastes energy. However, the Ultima uses 45% less energy in idle run than a traditional two-stage compressor and the 160 KW compressor only uses 8KW in idle run.


The Ultima utilises the Delcos XXL controller with a high-resolution touch screen which is extremely user friendly. The control system continuously monitors operational parameters which reduces running costs. The controller is also compatible with iConn which is a new monitoring service that provides in-depth knowledge on the system. It enables accurate production planning and generates statistics that inform users on performance while identifying potential issues.


The Ultima is 100% oil-free, silicone-free and meets ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) standards making it suitable for applications across a wide range of sectors including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and electronic sectors. Furthermore, it has lower lifecycle costs and requires approximately 37% less floor space than traditional oil-free compressors. This allows easy installation in small spaces which also contributes to property cost saving.

• 100% Oil Free and Silicone Free

• High Efficiency

• Low Running Costs

• Low Noise Design

• Low Pressure & High Pressure Air-Ends Individually Driven

• Efficient Heat Recovery

• Easy Installation

• On-Board Monitoring

• Available With iConn Remote Monitoring

CompAir Ultima Oil-Free Compressor


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