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Rupture Discs

Product Code: 80002

RUPTURE DISCS – Dedicated to protecting the lives of people & safeguarding critical processes and equipment, Elfab & Oseco are leading providers of pressure management solutions for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.


Elfab & Oseco manufacture an extensive selection of pressure relief devices including both standard & tailored solutions to best suit your individual needs.

Induchem Group are the sole independent sales agent for ELFAB & OSECO in Ireland & the U.K.


•             Opti-Gard: Reduce stock costs with our best-selling rupture disc The Opti-Gard reverse acting rupture disc acts as a single disc solution across a complete line of sizes, materials, burst pressures and process conditions.

•             Opti-Gard Solo: Accurate bursting in low pressure applications Opti-Gard SoLo is an innovative, low pressure rupture disc that works reliably even in demanding process conditions.

•             Opti-Gard High Strength Magnet: High-performance rupture disc for use with duplex holders Opti-Gard (High-Strength Magnet) is a technically advanced reverse-acting rupture disc specifically designed for use with 22cr and 25cr  duplex holders

•             Posi-Gard / Vac-Gard: Low pressure rupture discs with 5-pin DIN connection and integral burst detection This range of composite, low pressure reverse acting rupture discs are manufactured with integral burst detection

•             Milli-Gard: Ultra low pressure rupture disc for gas and vapour applications Milli-Gard is specifically designed for ultra-low burst pressure requirements


•             Safe-Gard: Technically advanced rupture disc with cross-scoring for increased safety Safe-Gard is a forward acting rupture disc with precision cross-scoring on the vent side for enhanced safety in liquid, gas or vapour applications

•             Oseco FAS: High-performance rupture disc for liquid or gas applications The Oseco FAS™ (Forward Acting Scored) rupture disc is a high-performance forward acting rupture disc

•             Domed Compostie: A versatile, forward-acting disc for low to medium pressure applications The Domed Composite disc features a non-fragmenting design with a unique tri-membrane construction.

•             Flat Compostite: An economic solution for very low pressure applications The forward acting Flat Composite rupture disc has a composite design with a unique tri-membrane construction.

•             Conventional Domed: A forward acting rupture disc solution for high pressure applications The Conventional Domed rupture disc is a solid metal disc suitable for very high burst pressures (up to 1400 barg)


•             Pure-Gard: Sanitary Pressure Relief Pure-Gard is an innovative, sanitary pressure relief solution specifically designed for applications where cleanability is of paramount importance

•             Bio-Gard: Low-pressure rupture disc for use in aseptic and hygienic plants Bio-Gard is a low-pressure, peripherally scored, reverse-acting rupture disc. It features a smooth, uninterrupted surface finish to meet FDA approvals

•             Opti-Gard Ferrule: Technically advanced solution for aseptic and hygienic applications Our Opti-Gard Ferrule is specially designed for the food and beverage, biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industries

•             Opti-Gard Ferrule Solo: Innovative solution for low pressure aseptic and hygienic applications Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo provides the highest performance characteristics available where low burst pressures are required within a sanitary environment


•             Graphite G2 Disc: Corrosion-resistant, multi-purpose graphite rupture disc The Graphite G2 disc is a tension-loaded forward acting rupture disc. It is corrosion resistant and can withstand operating temperatures up to 180°C

•             Two-Way Arma-Gard: A single disc that protects against both positive and negative pressures. We have engineered the Two-way Arma-Gard disc to prevent vessel damage from both unwanted vacuum and overpressure conditions

•             Universal Arma-Gard: A non-torque sensitive graphite disc that is resistant to corrosion. As a non-torque sensitive graphite rupture disc, Universal Arma-Gard has a holderless design for easy installation between industry standard flanges


•             Flo-Tel: A practical, reusable solution for detecting when a rupture disc has burst. Being non-invasive to the process equipment, Flo-Tel does not need to be replaced after an overpressure event.

•             Vent-Tel: Using the same non-invasive, reusable technology as Flo-Tel, Vent-Tel is designed for use with tri-clamps and other sanitary connections. It offers the same burst detection capabilities in aseptic environments.

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