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Ramco ON GUARD™ Acid & Base Detecting Paint

Product Code: 10020

Induchem is the exclusive European Master Distributor for Ramco ON GUARD™  Acid & Base Detecting Paint. For more information please contact us today. 

Acid Detecting Paint:

ON GUARD™ Acid Detecting Paint is a durable, industrial coating with a unique acid-sensitive component,  which changes color (golden yellow to brilliant red) when exposed to acid or acid vapors  pH 3 or lower.  ON GUARD™provides an immediate visual indication of a spill or leak, often at quantities that are too small to trigger an exposure with conventional detection devices.  This is a lead-free, all-organic, acrylic modified, alkyd enamel.  Use on potentially hazardous surfaces such as valves, pipes, pumps, flanges, tanks, sample ports, flow indicators, expansion joints, weld sites, clamps, hose connections, truck tanker or tanker car domes, threaded connections, or any place where an accidental leak or spill may occur.  The reaction of ON GUARD™ to acids pH 3 or lower is instantaneous.


Base Detecting Paint:

ON GUARD™ Base Detecting Paint is a white water base coating specially formulated to be an alkaline (base) indicator for solutions with a pH 10 or greater.  The cured film of ON GUARD™ will respond to alkalinity, turning the coating from a bright white to a deep, brilliant blue, immediately. ON GUARD™ provides an immediate visual indication of a spill or leak at extremely small quantities.  This is an exceptional latex coating with superior durability and easy application. ON GUARD™ is often the only method of leak detection available.  Use on potentially hazardous surfaces such as valves, pipes, clamps, expansion joints, threaded connections, hose connections, flow indicators, flanges, pumps, tanks, sample ports, weld sites or any place where a leak or spill may occur.

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