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Flange Guards & Spray Guards

Product Code: 20009

Ramco Safety Shields are most frequently specified for the containment of leaks and sprayouts from Flange connections, Valves and related process equipment. They offer increased safety and protection levels for operators and plant.

RAMCO® Safety Shields are manufactured for all pipe connections such as: 

  • Flanges; Couplings; Valves of all kinds;Unions;Expainson Joints; Elbows; Tees; Flowmeters; Hose Couplings; Clamps; Heat Exchangers; Pumps; Pressure Vessels; Instruments & Tube Fittings 

RAMCO® Safety Shields can be divided into three groups: 

  • Spra Guard®  Safety Shields 

The unique properties of TFE Spra-Guard® Shields contribute to their high performance. They demonstrate resistance to temperatures up to 450°F (232°C) and pressures up to 1650 psi (114 bar) and are inert to a wide spectrum of commercial chemicals. These shields also show outstanding protection against corrosion.

  • Vue-Guard®  Safety Shields 

Another Spra-Guard® product is the innovative “See-Thru” shield that permits easy identification and inspection of all pipe joints, including flanges, valves, threaded connections and expansion joints.

Constructed of TFE coated fiberglass that is burnt orange in color with a wide center band of clear film (ECTFE), the Vue-Guard® Safety Shield permits visual inspection of pipe joints by personnel so leaks can be detected rapidly. 

  • Metal Safety Shields

RAMCO® uses 24 gauge steel exclusively for its metal safety shields. This gauge, approximately 25 thousandth of an inch thick, is ideal for safety shields. It is sufficiently heavy to withstand high pressures and also has flexibility to permit shaping.

RAMCO® has developed specialized equipment for production of its shields, and use of its manufacturing methods results in high volume production at relatively low cost. 

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