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Expansion Bellows

Product Code: EXP100

Expansion Bellows are used to compensate for movement, misalignment and/or vibration in piping systems. Generally, the more convolutions in the joint design, the greater the range of motions it can compensate. Expansion joints should never be used to compensate for rotation about the pipe axis.

  • Bolt-Limited Design: Steel bolts limit axial extension, offset, and angular misalignment. They also restrict harmful torsional movement
  • Limit-rods are pre-set at the factory with elastic stop nuts (this setting must not be modified)
  • Reinforcing rings provide pressure-retaining capability
  • Contour Molding Process
  • 2, 3 or 5 Convolution Joints
  • 1″ to 20″ Diameter Offering
  • Full Sealing Flange Faces
  • Available Drives: NAMUR, ½” Square and Others
  • Extraordinary Flex Life Exceeds All Other Processes
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